AR Tartufi comes back to the origins, establishment in Arrone

A business bet but even an opportunity of growth in the territory. its name is A.R. Tartufi and it’s the company “Made in Umbria” which decided to come back to its origins by purchasing a new plant in Valnerina, where everything had begun fifteen years ago. After the opening and the modernization of a plant in the industrial area in Maratta, Terni, the company owners are working in order to renovate a plant in Arrone which will also lead to the creation of jobs.

Elisabetta and Leonardo’s is a family story, they are young entrepreneurs who are since ever connected to the passion for the prince product of the umbrian territory: your majesty the truffle.

Truffle is harvested in the umbrian territories and it is worked in the Matteucci’s company who follow the truffle hunters’ tradition which guides them even in their professional life.

Elisabetta and Leonardo made this profession a noble art in the character of entrepreneurship: actually they are always a step forward to let truffle get known in countries worldwide. All what A.R. Tartufi does actually goes around the most important international food exhibitions and it gets on the gourmets’ tables.

Fresh truffles in jar, food sauces, oils for dressings and even pocked-sized packagings which allow you to bring the black gold from Umbria around the world.