We talk about truffle in Arrone: «A production chain to be realized»

The conference will take place on the 3rd February at the Convent of San Francesco.

Development, resources and growth opportunities thanks to the realization of a production chain of truffle, product of excellence in Umbria; these are some of the issues about which we will discuss during the Conference “Truffle, a production chain to be realized” which will take place on Thursday the 3rd February at the Convent of San Francesco in Arrone; this was organized by Valnerina Tartufi in collaboration with Confagricoltura of Umbria and with the Municipality of Arrone.

A production chain of truffle

Support for development of a production chain of truffle – Confagricoltura of Umbria underlines – is an opportunity of redevelopment of hilly and mountain areas which ensures an economic sustainability to the companies of this territory.

According to the Mayor of Arrone, Fabio di Gioia, “Creating a production chain of truffle which is strongly connected to its territory could be a big development and promotion opportunity  not only concerning economy but also as far as the attention to the environment is concerned, especially in this context where the river park of Nera can represent an added value.

Mr. Paolo Guelfi of the Umbrian region will submit the announcement of the Psr, the agronomist Mr. Sandro Silveri will discuss about the technical approach to the realization of the installations and about the costs for the realization. Mr. Alessandro Torricelli will talk about the subsidized finance.