Truffle gourmet sandwich


  • 200 g of lean meat
  • 50 g red onion
  • Cappuccio cabbage q.s.
  • red radicchio cabbage q.s.
  • 20 g of Valnerina Tartufi black truffle sauce
  • 50 g of dried tomatoes in oil
  • 60 g of fresh Scamorza smoked cheese
  • salt, pepper, oil, raw cane sugar for flavoring


Prepare the meat balls with your favorite minced meat. We advise you to use first quality meat (Scottona, Chianina or other), choosing pieces of lean meat and grinding meat at home.
Compact the meatballs by adding a little oil, salt and pepper on both sides.

Caramel the red onion, heating it in a pan with a drop of water. Once it has come to point of boiling, add a tablespoon of raw cane sugar and a bit of water. Heat by gently stirring until the water has completely evaporated for about 10-15 minutes.

Cut the cabbage, the radicchio and the dried tomatoes into thin strips.
Put a tablespoon of oil in a non-stick pan and let it heat up: place the hamburgers in the pan over medium-low heat and cook them for about 6 minutes before turning them.
Meanwhile, slice the smoked cheese subtly.

After having turned the hamburger in the pan, place the Scamorza on the cooked side, add a drop of water and cover with a lid until the end, letting the Scamorza melting on the meat.

Almost at the end of cooking, heat the sandwich you have chosen, cut the sandwich in half and place the part to be filled on a hot plate or on a non-stick pan already warm but without oil.

After having heated the sandwich, remove the cooked hamburger from the pan, place the cabbage on the bottom of the sandwich and the caramelized onion, then the hamburger with the melted Scamorza, Valnerina Tartufi truffle sauce, radicchio, cherry tomatoes and close the sandwich.

You can garnish the dish with fresh cherry tomatoes and French fries which you will season with the truffle sauce or, if you prefer, with slices of fresh truffle.